420: Why It’s Considered The Cannabis Holiday

420: Why It’s Considered The Cannabis Holiday

Our favorite day of the year is here: 4/20! It’s the big day for cannabis and we make sure to do it big in honor of the day. Leading up to 4/20 you will find deals on our flower throughout the website. We’re giving away rolling papers, pipes, and ashtrays with certain orders and you can expect storewide blowout sales on 4/20 to celebrate the day. Stay tuned for what you can expect on the big day itself. Skip to the bottom of the post to see exactly what specials we currently have. 

Now, for a little history on the day itself. No one can directly pin point where the name came from or how 420 is related to cannabis. There are many theories from a Bob Dylan song, a California law, or the likely theory — which came from a group of high schoolers who would meet every day after school at 4:20 at a statue nearby to smoke cannabis. Usually something like this wouldn’t leave the group of friends but this group had connections with the Grateful Dead, which wound up making 420 known worldwide. From there the legend grew and since then you’ll find thousands of events across the country celebrating the day. It has now become the official cannabis holiday. 

Looking for our 420 specials?

Early Access 4/20 Specials! 

– FREE Radix Rolling Papers with every order of an 8th or more of flower 

– FREE silicone smoking pipe and ashtray with every flower purchase over $100

– Buy 2 Ounces receive a 3rd ounce for FREE

– More to be added as we get closer to 4/20

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