CBD Oil For Cats

CBD oil is a good alternative medicine for cats just as it is for their owners. The cannabidiol compound can prevent and help aid diseases suffered by your furry friend. It has less than 3% THC - the psychoactive chemical in marijuana (Radix Remedies has 0% THC). It is safe to give to your pet to relieve it from various ailments from separation anxiety to chronic inflammation.

How Does It Work For Cats?

It works for your pet as it does for humans. Cats share the same Endocannabinoid System as in our own body. Physiologically, we share the same cannabinoid receptors. And these receptors are keys to keeping the health and well-being of your pet. CB1 found in the brain work at keeping anxiety and depression at bay. CB2 in cats’ immune system regulates inflammation. 

CBD oil anti-inflammatory properties may treat many cat disorders such as arthritis, pancreatitis, nerve-related pain, IBS - intestinal inflammation, inflammation on oxidative stress, and asthma. Aggression and depression are signs of stress in cats. The right dosage of CBD on a daily basis alleviates these ailments and puts your pet back into their playful mood and well-being.

CBD Oil For Cats with Epilepsy and Seizures

Hemp has been used for ages for seizures and epilepsy. Animals such as cats and dogs suffer from seizure and epilepsy. Unfortunately, conventional medicine can lead to kidney and heart disorders. CBD oil extracted from hemp is the alternative option to suppress or prevent seizures. It works by signaling the CB1 receptors in the brain to suppress the energy surge that happens via the nerves that trigger seizures. Stress caused seizures in cats are alleviated by the release of receptors that blocks the flow of serotonin from the brain, flooding the brain with the “feel good” hormones to calm or keep your pet in a happier mood. Thus, seizures are alleviated.

CBD Oil for Anxiety in Cats

Anxiety is fairly common to pets and human. Cats suffer from anxiety or stress for fear of traveling in cars or planes, loud noises, and fear of strangers. Before, pets with anxiety issues are also given anti-anxiety medications that have adverse effects on their liver or kidney. A daily dose of CBD oil or a single dose before traveling, before the occurrence of loud noises or in the company of people taper your pet's anxiety issues and keep it calm. 

CBD Oil For Nausea And Increasing Appetite

As CBD promotes homeostasis in animals, preventing the development of cancer cells, for cats already with cancer undergo conventional cancer therapy that includes chemo and radiation. These therapies usually have strong adverse effects such as nausea, dizziness, and loss of appetite. CBD oil help ease these effects and regain your pet’s balance and well-being.

CBD oil for cats helps ease many disorders your pet may be suffering from or to promote health and overall well-being. A calm and healthy cat is a happy pet. 

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