CBD: Why The Time Is NOW For Consumers and Entrepreneurs

 Why the Time Is Now for Consumers and Entrepreneurs

CBD or cannabidiol is gaining grounds and real estate in research as well as in organic manufacturing as an alternative to traditional medicine for a dozen ailments. It is potentially effective in anxiety-related and neurological disorders as well as against pain and inflammation. It doesn’t show any side effects like with chemically produced drugs. In fact, it helps people addicted to prescription medication break their habit. Given these benefits, this is the best time for consumers and entrepreneurs to get into the CBD wagon.

CBD 101

By now, most people are educated on CBD and THC, their benefits, and the differences between them. Cannabidiol is an extract from the hemp plant, same as THC. The difference between the two is the psychoactive chemical contained in THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol that gives users the “high” or addicting effect. CBD contains less than 3% of the psychoactive compound. In other words, it does not make consumers high but still alleviates symptoms of diseases and disorders.

CBD is can be effective in anxiety, depression and neurological disorders such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. The simplest explanation to its efficacy is our own cannabinoids system in the body. Our body has cannabinoid receptors - CB1 and CB2 - that help us cope with stress, anxiety, pain, and inflammation. CB1 deals with motor skills, pain, emotions, mood, appetite, and memories, while CB2 is commonly found in the immune system for pain and inflammation.

CBD in different forms and media can help in stress and anxiety management as well as neurological and chronic disorders. As consumers, this is the best time to consider the alternative drug as more research proves its efficacy, even with children and pediatric treatments.

Promising Business for Budding Entrepreneurs

As marijuana and CBD become the new wonder drug and health care phenomenon, the industry is moving into full swing with research centers from Israel to Pennsylvania. These centers study the different benefits, the most effective mode of delivery and dosages. Companies, large to small scale, are coming up with products laced with the cannabis extract, from coffee and cookies to dog treats. Given the expansion of the industry for human consumption to pets, now is the right time to plunge into the market and carve your own niche. 

But before taking the plunge or pivoting to the marijuana industry, take a look at this guideline and see where you want to fit in. Trending products of the industry are characterized by the following:

Convenient Delivery

By convenient delivery, we mean products that deliver the CBD into the body. In the first few years with cannabidiol in the market, the oil is delivered through wax and shatter and used vessels and vapes to inhale the oils. These are very effective but not convenient for customers who want instant and no fuss consumption. Then the disposable cartridge vapes came in that streamlined usage with a push of a button. At the same time, edibles were introduced, single-serving chewables, candies, and cookies with specific amounts of CBD as well as beverages that allow for shots. These are convenient for customers as they require less fuss and no measurement; just inhale or chew and swallow. No need for fancy gadgets or apparatuses just to get the full benefits of the oil. 

As an entrepreneur, look for the product that provides convenience and easy access to bring relief to your target market. Customers choose convenience and easy access when purchasing. Including delivery in your repertoire of services or being located in areas easy to get to are crucial to successful and sustainable businesses. 

Personalizing the CBD Experience

A personalized experience for customers means consistent dosages with specific benefits that target particular ailments or have a particular purpose, such as for anxiety, relaxation or an energy boost. Consumers want options and products for a specific experience or purpose. They also want consistency and more accurate dosages to manage the effects of CBD better. CBD doesn’t have the THC psychoactive effects but may still affect work at some level. Customers want products with accurate dosages to manage their intake for their specific purpose.

R&D for CBD products is continuously evolving, from its medical effects fighting specific cancers and seizures to its leisure use minimizing the occurrence of stress or depression. Products with the convenience of accurate dosages so consumers can manage the effects, especially for pediatric medicinal purposes, are beneficial. This means the need to cut edibles in half or second-guess the right dosage for consumption management is over.

A Nice Surprise from Baby Boomers

It’s been a notion that leisure consumption of CBD is reserved for young adults. And older customers use CBD for pain management, alleviation of inflammation or other medicinal purposes. But there are older people who want to consume CBD for leisure and not just to medicate. So, aside from targeting the younger generation, tap into the goldmine of baby boomers who want to use CBD for leisure, to relax and be carefree. 

In establishing a CBD startup, consider people from the older demographics as a large target market that needs to be tapped from all angles. Products or services that make CBD more accessible to this group, with a variety of options to enhance personalization and easy dosage management, will succeed. 

Whether you are a customer or an entrepreneur, this is the best time to explore the possibilities of CBD products. Reap the benefits that improve the quality of life and the rewards of starting a successful business in an industry that’s fast-tracking R&D to cater to more consumer needs. There are hundreds of possibilities waiting to be discovered in the usage, forms, and distribution. Do not miss this opportunity; hop on the wagon to get healthier, pain-free and happier.


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