Exclusive Retailer of Grav CBD Glass Joint & Bud

Is there a better day for this announcement? Many across the country are rejoicing and celebrating their favorite stoner holiday, 4/20, and we couldn't think of a better day for us to announce our latest product — Grav Prefilled CBD Glass Joints.

CBD Glass Joints

Each Grav Glass Joint set comes with the mouthpiece adapter and 7 prefilled joints. Some of the current strands we have are Special Sauce, Cherry Wine, and Space Candy. You can find the Grav Prefilled's at each of our store locations. We'll update this blog post soon with the lab results so you can see each strands specific qualities. Each strand is Farm Bill Compliant meaning that you can toke up one of these glass joints without worrying about getting a ticket or arrested. Go on, we may even toke up with you. It is 4/20 after all.  

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