Get to Know Radix Remedies CBD Softgels

Radix Remedies CBD Oil softgels offer a quick and easy approach to CBD. Each CBD softgel contains a precise concentration making them one of the most efficient and effortless products we offer. Our phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil soft gels are created with our proprietary water-soluble liquid and contain 10mg/25mg of cannabidiol, and over 40 naturally present synergistic terpenes.

This product contains 10mg/25mg of cannabidiol (CBD) per dose and is designed to have maximum absorption and optimum bioavailability. Dosing can be customized according to desired specifications. The high surface area of cannabinoid droplets maximizes in-vivo absorption and the resulting bioavailability is 3-5 times higher than cannabinoids delivered in oil form, leading to improved absorption and enhances efficacy. What does this mean for you? This means that our softgels have better absorption and work more effectively than that of CBD derived in oil form.

Our Unique Technology for Softgels

Our soft gels are made by solubilizing hemp oil by converting it into an oil-in-water type nanoemulsion. The unique advantage of this formulation is the enhanced surface area of cannabinoids resulting in higher bioavailability (3-5 times higher for CBD compared with oil form), consistency of the biological effects, and independence from fed- vs. fasting effects. The soft gels can be taken with or without food, without much impact on its efficacy.

Our customers choose softgels because:

  • Ease of use
  • Leave no bad aftertaste
  • More comfortable on the stomach
  • Easy to swallow

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