Covid-19 Relief Efforts

Covid-19 Relief Efforts

Radix Remedies was founded from a simple idea. At the end of the day, we are here to help people live their best life. With our stores temporarily closed due to the shutdowns, we’ve had extra times on our hands to double down on our core purpose. We’ve been closely monitoring the pandemic that’s caused our nation to come to a stop. There’s a shortage of many essential products and taking a trip to the store has become riskier than ever. We asked ourselves how we can help at a time like this and with great thought and drive, we put together a plan to move forward. 

Covid-19 Relief Efforts

We’re working with partners across many industries to do our part in helping provide PPE gear to hospitals and businesses in need. Our partners have sourced and ordered hundreds of thousands of masks over the past week and continue to place more orders for cities and businesses across the country. We can help facilitate an order if you know of any organization in need. To help with costs and to allow fast donations to those in critical need, we’re considering creating a go fund me for anyone who is interested in helping. 

Hand sanitizer shortage 

Within weeks of the nationwide hand sanitizer shortage, our manufacturing partner repurposed their entire processing facility to make hand sanitizer. With their machines turned off due to the shutdown, they were able to convert on the fly to start processing hand sanitizers to keep their employees working. This process was an amazing feat of teamwork with many small businesses in the community taking part in bringing this to life. We’re no Purell, but with the efforts of ourselves, print shop, bottling company, manufacturer, and many more volunteers, we were able to keep the costs down as much as possible to retail this as cheaply as we can for you. Furthermore, we’re not looking to profit on the sale of the bottles. For every bottle purchased, we will donate a bottle to healthcare providers and first responders in need. Even once things begin to get back to normal, sanitization will still be very important and hard to find. We have a goal to donate thousands of bottles of sanitizers during this initiative. 

Final Thoughts

These are unprecedented times and Radix Remedies is extremely proud to be working with such thoughtful partners. We hope things get back to normal soon, but all guidelines and expectations point to this lasting for the foreseeable future. Today, CDC updated its guidelines to recommending all Americans wear a mask. With the peak yet to come, we all need to do our part in social distancing and ensuring we do what we can to prevent the virus from spreading. Us here at Radix have been very grateful for the love shown to us by our online community during these times. March has been our best month to date. We will continue providing the best possible customer service and cbd products to each and everyone of you while also doing our part in fighting the coronavirus through the resources we have developed. We will prevail through this together. 

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