Focus Plus Case Studies – Athletes

Focus Plus Case Studies – Athletes


Neuroroot Focus Plus is another great product from Radix Remedies, the producer of the best cannabis-infused products. Our products have always been meant to provide relief to a number of ailments. Today, we are proud to introduce a product that has both therapeutic and nutritional benefits in NeuroRoot: Focus Plus with additional potential of Nootropics.

About NeuroRoot

Our new amazing product contains a full dose of CBD, an essential provider of all traditional benefits including stress relief, mood improvement, pain, and inflammation relief. NeuroRoot is the most powerful and latest supplements in the region and world at large. It is very high in nutritional value.

The product contains caffeine; the most popular psychoactive drug. It has the potential to increase wakefulness, being alert, and reaction improvement as a stimulant. It also contains mucuna pruriens extract in addition to vitamin B6. Mucuna pruriens is the traditional source of rare amino acids 3 and 4 that functions as a precursor to the release of dopamine while vitamin B6 supports its optimal levels in the body. Other ingredients include citicoline, a precursor to acetylcholine that supports memory formation. Also, it contains Hericium Erinaceus, a medicinal fungus for neurogenesis.

Therefore, NeuroRoot Focus Plus, which comes in capsules, is a blend of all the above ingredients for optimal full body recovery and mental boosting especially for athletes and bodybuilders.

Why NeuroRoot for your Gym supplement?


NeuroRoot is a supplement designed to boost your energy and increase your athletic performance. Its formula differs a lot from other similar products because of its blend of caffeine and other sources of vitamins and amino acids described above. Caffeine will stimulate and enhance cognitive functions as well as physical performance. Unlike pure creatine, it is more natural with alternative sources of protein blends like spirulina, an abundant source of chlorophyll in seaweeds. This acts as a natural deodorant for the GI tract and activates quick detoxification during a workout.

Neuroroot Focus Plus is a source of energy that helps build and maintain your energy. The process of burning fats, you will gain muscle mass as fast as possible. Your body has the option of using BCAA as an alternative to breaking down your muscle energy. All you need from a pre-workout supplement is to prevent your muscle glycogen depletion and Neuroroot Focus Plus is the ideal product for this.

It comes with directions on use. The recommended time to take Neuroroot Focus Plus as a pre-workout supplement is 30 minutes before body activity to allow your body time to consume and digest the ingredients; this optimized the benefits of caffeine and other ingredients in the product. Just like other supplements, Neuroroot Focus Plus assist boost energy and caffeine is the best for this.


For post-workout Neuroroot Focus Plus has additional benefits as it aids muscle recovery and building. The presence of casein increases muscle synthesis and there is absolutely no reason for your muscle to ache after a workout. It will help break down the muscles during activity and then rebuild and grow them.

Training under continued physical effects has never been easy but Neuroroot Focus Plus allows the body to repair freely after strain. This calls for its best use which is of cause printed on the user manual. Neuroroot Focus Plus can be taken immediately after workout or before retiring to bed. It all depends on your fitness goals and exercise program. Be sure to consult your trainer on the best intake.


Neuroroot Focus Plus with an optimal concentration of caffeine is the greatest supplement towards fat loss and muscle preservation. You will get more dramatic results from this product. It also metabolizes fats faster for those cutting on diet as well as increasing the intensity of your workout. It is a very important dopamine enhancer to increase sensitivity and soothe your memory during the workout for better concentration. Neuroroot Focus Plus is simply the best!  

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