Focus Plus Case Study – Gaming

Focus Plus Case Study – Gaming

Gaming can be regarded as one of the hottest commodities of the modern era. Now and then you can find a gamer in almost every corner that you turn to. The trend of gaming has significantly increased in the past two decades and now there are online tournaments that are being held for games. Gamers have now made a career out of something that was initially thought of just as a hobby and people are earning millions just through playing ‘games’. The main issue arises when there is an excess of something.

Excessive Gaming:
Excessive use of online gaming and staying focused on the computer or console rather than your life has given rise to a lot of problems. Once you start gaming, it is pretty obvious that sooner or later you will be addicted to it and it would be very hard for you to let go of it. This would cause you some social problems and at the end of the day, you will be struggling for proper success in other channels of life. Focusing on your life and the secondary things are as important as your career or your hobby and gamers find it hard to keep a balance between them. To help you focus and keep your brain activity at a normal pace you would need something to help you through it and this is where Neuroroot comes in.

Neuroroot as a Dietary Supplement:
Neuroroot is a dietary supplement that helps you in keeping your brain activity to a normal level. At times, when you are indulged in a lot of intensive activities that require your planning and problem-solving skills you find it difficult to focus on other domains of life (Deterding, 2019). This situation can be quite worse for you because it forces you into a situation that is referred to as Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (Webmd, 2019). This is a disorder that can have serious impacts on your social life as well as your normal brain health. It can produce significantly worse results for you if not taken care of properly. Studies have suggested that gaming does not effectively result in ADHD rather it can pave its path towards it (Temma Ehrenfeld, 2018).

Focus Issues and Gaming:
A study that was led by Kay Bailey was based on finding the evidence for possible attention problems related to gaming (ParentingScience, 2020). The study was focused on mainly two groups: light gamers (2 hours maximum in one week) and heavy gamers (more than 40 hours per week). Results showed that there was a significant lack of attention from the heavy gamers and they were lacking the ability to focus on different kinds of things that were being shown to them. This study showed that you can have serious problems if you do not pay attention to your mental health and keep a balance between gaming and brain activity. The brain ERPs had significant issues later on that was the basis of the results that were concluded in this study.

Benefits of Neuroroot:
Neuroroot is a product that helps with these attention problems and relieves you from any possible issues in your social life. You need to have something that can assist you in maintaining the most needed focus on life. Neuroroot is focused on improving the amount of tranquility you need to have to function properly. A hard session in the online gaming tournament can increase your stress levels and all you would need is to lighten your mood so you can spend time with your family (Hasan et al., 2012). Neuroroot helps you in keeping a balance between the two thereby increasing the possibility of you having a balanced life ahead.

One of the main issues that people have these days is related to mental fogginess. This means that they are unable to understand and implement the different activities of life. The sharpness of mind is important when dealing with certain problems so you would want you to be prepared for that. Neuroroot with its effective formula helps you in bringing clarity to your mind and any possible pressurized issues can be resolved after using this. Short-term memory loss is directly related to you being able to lose focus easily and it is something that is not quite welcomed by a lot of people. Coming out of a long session of hard-fought gaming, you are bound to forget a lot of important things and this is where the problem picks up its pace and results in major issues. Neuroroot supplement allows you to maintain good memory and keep a balance between your brain activity and possible issues.

To conclude it can be said that, brain focus and keeping a concise arrangement of your brain activity with your gaming life is important. You need to have a balanced diet for it and sometimes you need a quick fix to your life problems. Neuroroot provides you with the ability to keep a balance between your life and your gaming career. Low-stress levels, higher mental sharpness, and good memory are key to a balanced social life. Neuroroot helps you in getting through these problems easily by decreasing complexities.

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