NeuroRoot: A First of Its Kind CBD Tincture

NeuroRoot: A First of Its Kind CBD Tincture


NeuroRoot is a first of its kind CBD nootropic tincture utilizing liposomes for delivery. We take the powerful potential benefits of hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD) and pair it with Phosphatidylcholine (PC) derived from sunflower lecithin. Both CBD and PC are used for their nootropic qualities. Below we will unpack each of the substances used, the nootropic benefits they may provide and why liposomes are critical for delivery.


We source our PC from sunflower lecithin. The main constituents of lecithin are phospholipids. Phospholipids are fats (lipids) that comprise cell membranes. Phospholipids provide cell integrity and facilitate the transportation of materials back and forth across the cell wall. Without phospholipids, our cells would denigrate and we would literally dissolve in water.

One of the most important phospholipids found in lecithin is called Phosphatidylcholine. In both humans and animals, phosphatidylcholines are concentrated in the lungs and brains. The human body produces a small amount of choline in the liver, we need to supplement our intake from plant or animal sources high in PCs.

The synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh) is largely dependent on the choline provided by Phosphatidylcholine. ACh is critical for cognition, learning, and memory. We use a lot of acetylcholine when we calculate, process, and problem-solving, so having enough choline means having the acetylcholine you need for attention and focus. The more choline available to your brain means less brain inflammation, which is especially great for learning, memory, focus, and mood.

The benefits of phosphatidylcholine may include: Lowered bad cholesterol, improved cardiovascular health, may combat dementia / alzheimers, improved digestion and cognitive function.


CBD possesses a wide range of possible health benefits. Many of these benefits are related to cognitive performance, making CBD an excellent nootropic compound. In particular, it has been demonstrated to protect brain cells, and help with anxiety, depression, stress, and sleep.


CBD liposomes are a new way of consuming CBD where you ingest it via a liposome, which is a tiny sphere of cholesterol with the ability to mix with water-based substances. Unlike other drug delivery methods, liposomes transport ingredients past the intestinal membrane to specific tissues. This is actually revolutionizing the way in which medicines – and even food supplements – are being taken.

Liposomes are able to help fat-based substances mix with water-based substances. When you consume CBD, your body has to work to separate the fat-soluble cannabinoids and mix it with the water components of your body. By incorporating CBD into liposomes, the CBD molecules have an easier time entering the body via its ability to bond to compounds in the bloodstream. In addition, the active CBD compound becomes more bioavailable, as opposed to other methods (consuming edibles or smoking) where a large percentage of CBD is lost through metabolism.


Combining CBD with PC makes for the perfect combination for those looking to get more out of their CBD. This nootropic stack was designed to keep you calm, kick inflammation and improve mental cognition one dropper at a time. The delivery complex of NeuroRoot results in the transport of higher concentrations of CBD and PC in general and it allows individuals to use less to achieve the same effect as other intake methods. Get the most out of your CBD today.

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