Our Story

Our Story

Radix, Your Remedy.

Radix Remedies, an Austin, Texas based cbd oil company, started up after seeing first hand how CBD oil helped improve many close friends and families lives. When the CBD oil that was being used became harder to get their hands on, the friends and families resorted to “what’s available” and that came with many inconsistencies such as price, quality, and store shortages. Finding consistent, quality CBD products became a glaring problem for founders, Kevin Whatley, Chris Bonnet, Aaron Jezisek and Joshua Barnett. This problem doubled down when Chris’s mom passed away far too young due to a drug overdose during summer 2018. Chris’s mom dealt with fibromyalgia along with other chronic pains and was prescribed some of the deadliest medications on earth for relief. Two days after a doctor doubled her dosage, she fell victim to a nationwide epidemic. She found relief during her usage of CBD but feared to take it at the time due to legality reasons in Texas. Seeing the benefits of CBD, the group of friends became passionate about providing organic relief and wellness to others.

Priding themselves on being solution driven entrepreneurs with successful previous and current ventures, it became apparent the CBD industry needed a trustworthy CBD supplier to every day consumers. Radix Remedies has set out to do just this by providing pharmaceutical quality hemp based CBD oil that can be purchased in all 50 states legally. Even better, the hemp based CBD is THC-FREE so you will not get the psychoactive “high” effect or be caught up in any legal troubles. We hope that we’re able to not only help those looking for wellness and relief, but to also save someone’s life at a time that they are often most vulnerable by providing an alternative solution to addicting and damaging pain meds.

Our CBD is grown organically under the sun in the Colorado mountains and delivered nationwide.

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