Radix Is Latin For Root – The Core Purpose of Radix Remedies

Radix Is Latin For Root – The Core Purpose of Radix Remedies

Name’s are important. This is something we knew as we set off to start the company. At one point it seemed like we had everything figured out, except for the name. Major deadline’s were approaching and none could be advanced until we determined a name that suited our brand and core purpose strongly. Suddenly, it struck. We discovered the word Radix, and learned that it is a Latin word which means root and was used during the Roman times. How perfect.

Radix, Latin for Root

The Romans were known for being advanced in many things during their times including medicine. Many of the medicines provided to the sick were of the natural and herbal kind. Natural remedies were not only being used by the Romans, but by cultures spread wide and far across the globe. This was the way of healing for millennia. New information and advancements in the medical field over the past few centuries have led to a proliferation of new drugs — and medical conditions which require said drugs. Somewhere along the past century the pharmaceutical field became married and one with marketing. You can’t view a single tv show without seeing an ad for a pill of some sort. But It’s not all like this. You may be surprised to find out that America is one of a handful of countries that allow direct advertising of pharmaceutical drugs to consumers. It’s like they are programming us to think that we are all sick and in need these strong and sometimes harmful medications to live.

The cat has been let out of the bag. People are now more mindful and alert to what they are putting in their bodies. We all see the major epidemics currently going on in America and do not want to become another statistic. Because of this, Radix Remedies set out to provide wellness & relief to those in America with all-natural and organic ingredients that mother nature herself has given us.

From Roots to Remedies

From roots to remedies, our CBD has been known to provide powerful benefits to those looking for everyday pain relief, anxiety free workdays, or simply an evening of relaxation. The power and benefits of CBD have been brought to the forefront over the past few years and we are elated to be apart of so many magical moments between us and our customers.

The name Radix Remedies is fitting for our company and our core purpose of providing wellness & relief through organically grown hemp-derived CBD products. Our name and logo screams loud and proud that we are a company with a firm foundation in providing natural remedies through CBD. The relationships we’ve built with our suppliers allow us to monitor our CBD during it’s entire life cycle from root to remedy to ensure you are only getting the highest quality CBD possible. You can rest assured that Radix Remedies products are all organic, non-gmo, non-addictive, and non-toxifying. Our Premium CBD starts with healthy roots — that’s the Radix Remedies guarantee.

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