Valentine’s Day Limited Time Chocolate Hearts!

Valentine’s Day Limited Time Chocolate Hearts!

Who doesn’t like to receive chocolate from your valentine? Short answer — no one! That’s why we decided to announce limited edition CBD Valentine’s Day chocolate hearts with 50mg of CBD per chocolate. Available until supplies run out, these chocolates are a perfect Valentine’s gift for your valentine. Not only are they rich in chocolate flavor, but the 50mg per chocolate is a potent amount of CBD sure to relax the mood. 

Edibles are a favorite for many who enjoy CBD, with chocolates being a request for many who visit our shop. We are proud to release the CBD chocolate hearts just in time for this special occasion. Shaped like a heart, these chocolates are wrapped in themed Valentine’s Day foil and bagged in our themed Valentine’s Day gift bags. Perfect to give out as a gift, or to keep for yourself 🙂 our chocolates will come exclusively bundled together in a gift set. Also, every purchase over $100 will receive one of the limited edition chocolates. We love to treat the members of our Cannabis Connoisseur Club so of course they’ll be receiving some in their February sub box. 

Furthermore, you aren’t limited to only chocolates this Valentine’s Day. We went all out this year and have put together special Valentine’s Day gift sets that include love bear gummies, relaxing bath bombs, and more. Head over to our shop to check out our special Valentine’s Day gifts. 

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