Wholesale CBD Oil | Hemp Oil Wholesale Distributor Program by Radix Remedies

The Radix Remedies wholesale CBD oil program is designed to allow retail business and independent entrepreneurs to capitalize on the rapidly growing CBD market by offering the Radix Remedies line of premium, pharmaceutical grade CBD products.

Bulk CBD Oil products and pricing available for those making their own CBD products, backed by the passion, expertise and quality of the Radix Remedies brand.

For our Wholesale & Bulk CBD buyers

Whether you are a smart business owner, a dedicated researcher or someone who requires large quantities of product for specific needs — you’re busy with your work.

Perhaps you make and sell essential oil blends, balms & salves, tinctures, toiletries, pet treats or something else.

No matter your type of business or work, Radix Remedies is the perfect partner for creating industry-leading CBD products. You take pride in delivering top-quality goods to those who need it most.

Let us help you.

You need top quality, and you need great prices.

You don’t have the time to spend overseeing the farming, sourcing, manufacture, testing and certification of a top-tier cannabinoid product. You don’t want to waste time shopping around, ordering and reordering, and negotiating prices.


When you partner with us via our wholesale hemp oil program you gain instant access to our proprietary production processes, our industry-leading expertise and our world-class customer service.

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